The Genesis

Car – is your Second Home and speaks about the Owner’s Persona

The Team

  • Team of Principally Motivated and Passionate Professionals
  • Two Decades plus of Soulful Industry Presence and Cumulative Industry Expertise of More than 50 Plus Years
  • Management thoroughly enjoys the Bliss of being Highly Knowledgeable and Domain Experts in “Owning and Selling CARS”
  • Found Suitable Owners over 2000+ cars valuing in 100 plus Crores of Rupees




The Objective

  • Help you to Proudly Buy and Sell Owned Cars in the Most“Easiest and Simplest Way’ Possible
  • Help other Car Lovers “Accelerate Their Dreams” though our Meticulous and Impeccable Checks and Providing Authentic information
  • Bolster and Harness the thought to give you a Smooth & Functional Experience in Owning or Selling a Car
  • Enhance Trust and Value entrusted on us Continuously through our Services

The Approach

  • Thorough Diagnosis - Work with Technical Minds
  • Relevant Information Accumulation – for you to make a Well-Informed Decision in Owning or Selling a Vehicle

Your Destination to Own or Sell your Car

We would love to help you identify and connect to your “Alter Ego” at Speeds where you are your true best, be it about venting out on anyone, or shouting in joy or shedding a tear…